20. Remembering Once Again.

I wrote this post 2 years ago today, back when almost no one was reading this blog.  It’s still relevant, only the year has changed.  I don’t want to skip a day of NaBloPoMo, but I don’t have a post in me today.  I have too much on my mind and November is just a sad month for me.  I hope you don’t mind if I dig something out of the archives.  
This week is a tough one for me.
Part 1:
Wednesday was my mother’s birthday, her first since she passed away. In a way I used to dread her birthday because it meant trying to go see her not on my terms. Visiting my mother wasn’t easy. Nursing homes and 3 year olds are not a good mix. When Nathan was really little, it was ok because he could stay in his carrier or I’d hold him, or we could sit him on my mother’s bed. But once he started moving it was much more difficult.
The drive to see her was an hour each way. If I didn’t time it right, I’d sit in terrible traffic. If Nathan fell asleep, it would screw up his bed time. If he didn’t, I’d endure complaining about the drive. Either way it was not the most pleasant. But I recognized how important it was to go see her, and for her to see Nathan, particularly on her birthday. But it wasn’t my terms. I had to go THAT week, THAT day. And if I didn’t for a good reason (one of us was sick, or she was) then I felt terrible guilt.
Talking on the phone to her was not easy either. Either she couldn’t get the call because her phone wasn’t working or it was on speaker and her busy-body roommate would jump in or eavesdrop (if you can call it that when a phone is on speaker). If I left a message, I never knew if she got it until the next time I talked to her, so enter the feeling of “should I be feeling guilty because she thinks I didn’t call her.”
But this year, I didn’t have the guilt, I didn’t have to plan a visit (which is good, because Nathan and I both have colds I wouldn’t want her to catch and therefore I’d feel guilty). I didn’t have to try to call and listen to her stupid roommate. I didn’t have to try to think of something to get her and then have her tell me that it wasn’t right for whatever reason. I didn’t have to listen to Nathan complain because he didn’t even know. I’m not sure any of this is any consolation since she’s gone. And I miss her.
Part 2:
Today marks 4 years since my grandfather passed away. While he and I were talking in the months before he passed, the few years before that we were not. It’s a very long story why, not worth rehashing here, but suffice to say I regret that time. I would love to say if I had it to do over I’d do it differently, but I know me and I know him and we were both too stubborn to have it any other way until I found out he had cancer. And it’s not lost on me that calling him for the first time in years because I found out he was sick is really cliche and lame. But it’s what happened.
I was pregnant at the time he passed, due in 8 weeks. It was evident he’d never meet his first great-grandson. This saddened me deeply and still does. I think he would love Nathan and get such a kick out of him. I also think that when Nathan was acting up, he’d tell me how fresh he is (he’d be right) and how he is just like I was. And he’d say that in a disapproving way, just like my mother did. Then I would get mad, he wouldn’t know why and we’d be arguing. But I’m not sure avoiding all that is any consolation now that he’s gone. And I miss him.

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  1. Ginny Marie says:

    I think digging something out of the archives for NaBloPoMo is perfectly acceptable! November is a sad month for me, too. My mom died during the week of Thanksgiving, so it’s a hard holiday to get through.

    And oh! Nursing homes and toddlers are not a good mix! My mom was never in one, but my mother-in-law and brother were both in nursing homes when my oldest daughter was little.

    We are two-thirds done with November! The end is in sight. 😉

    • Thanks for your comment! I’m sorry about your mom. The holidays can turn bittersweet so easily.

      I was just thinking today that now it’s already the 23rd – really not much longer to go for NaBloPoMo!

  2. Oh Michelle I am so sorry that this is such a hard month for you. Reaching out to you in a virtual hug right now.

  3. Oh Michelle I am so sorry that this is such a hard month for you. Reaching out to you in a virtual hug right now.

  4. Christie says:

    Beautiful. Heart wrenching. Strange consolations in death. Tough month indeed.

  5. Miz Yank says:

    I agree that archival work is perfect fodder for NaBloPoMo. As your post points out, the demands on our time, and our hearts, are pretty heavy right about now. Hope the holiday brings you some unexpected enjoyment.

  6. Thinking of you this month. Sorry for your losses.

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