30. November Is Over.

It’s over, you guys!  It’s OVER!!

This is my last post in NaBloPoMo.  It was 95% fun, 5% torture.  I think hardest part about posting every single day is that I have many, many other things to do besides blogging.  I know, we all do.

This month kicked my ass in a major way.

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do this, but I did.

I woke up this morning with a head full of ideas.  More posts I want to write, some longer projects I’m thinking about starting and a strong desire to accomplish tasks.  I’m going to ride this wave of enthusiasm as long as I can.

I’ll be back soon.  I don’t know if I’ll post tomorrow, it all depends on how all this energy plays out.  Thanks to everyone who read and commented.  I know I wasn’t as good at reading and commenting on everyone else’s blogs as much as I’d like to.  I have the 600+ emails to prove how behind I am there.

Tonight though, I’m going to eat Chinese food (steamed vegetable dumplings and a vegetable roll, if you’re wondering) and go to sleep.

November may have kicked my ass, but December isn’t going to.

11 Responses to “30. November Is Over.”

  1. Amen and AMEN. We did it!!!

  2. Gina says:

    I feel the same way…% wise, fun versus torture. The funny thing is I’ve had more ideas, ben more creative, practiced and improved my editing this month. It was god for something, right? I’m taking a break until whenever or tomorrow. Great job, Michelle.

    • Thanks Gina, you did great too! I agree about the ideas. I feel like I was spending my day looking for bloggable things which I think is a good way to be thinking if one is interested in blogging.

  3. Kianwi says:

    Yay, it’s over! It was a great experience, but I am not one bit sad that it’s done. I’m curious to see how things develop for all of us from here. I’m glad we were in it together!

  4. Yes! It was so fun to do this with the yeah writers but it kicked my butt too! Whew!

  5. Christie says:

    November killed me too. Are you going to run out for ice cream later? ;-;

  6. You were so amazing this month. So glad I got to read your words every day. Looking forward to seeing more!

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