48 Hours.

There were two Monday Listicles topics to choose from this week.  One was to list essentially 10 good things about ourselves.  I only got through the first thing on the list before I started picking on myself, so I’m going to go with option 2:  How I would spend 48 hours with unlimited cash and no responsibilities.

It’s funny that this topic came up because just this weekend I was talking with one of my girlfriends about an ill-fated girls weekend that never materialized.  We decided to tone it down from 2 nights 200+ miles away to about 25-30 hours off duty.  There’s a restaurant we like with a chain hotel behind it.  So our plan is to gather the ladies for a night of dinner and drinks and then walk (or crawl) back to our hotel room, split as many ways as possible to keep costs low.  Then we’ll go to breakfast and the mall the next day.  All this will happen about 10 miles from my house, not too much farther for the rest of the ladies.  It serves the purpose of giving us a break and a night away, but it’s not a fantastic getaway.

Now if I had unlimited cash and 48 hours, it would be more like this:

1.  I would get a car service to pick me up at my house and take me and a few of my best girlfriends into New York City.  The friends would have to meet me here and we’re not waiting for anyone who is late because they aren’t cutting into my 48 hours.

2.  We’d check into a fabulous hotel.  No doubling up (unless we wanted to).  I want my quiet time alone!  I would take a hot shower in a beautiful bathroom and I would take as long as I wanted without a small person coming in to use the bathroom.  I would shave my legs AND condition my hair, even if it hadn’t been that long since I last did it.  I would dry off with a fluffy warm towel and put on a plush robe.  When I was ready to get dressed, I’d discard these items on the floor for someone else to launder.  I’d only use them once, unlike the recycled towels at my house.

3.  Next we’d head to the spa.  We’d stay there as long as it took to destress, or at least get to a passable level without using up our entire time.  I’m talking massage, mani-pedis, hot tub, whatever.  I’d also find someone to blow out my hair since most spas have salons in them, too.

4.  We would head out to a nice lunch.  It would taste as delicious and be as filling as things that make me enormous, but they wouldn’t leave me feeling enormous.

5.  We’d go shopping.  I would be able to buy clothes that looked nice on my unfortunately proportioned body and I wouldn’t have to worry about the cost.  If I bought many bags full, I’d pay someone to carry my stuff.

6.  I’d slip away from the ladies for a while so I could hit up Staples and The Container Store.  I’d buy all the organizational stuff and office supplies that I’ve ever wanted.  I’d bring some to my room to use later but I’d have most of it shipped home.  If one of my friends wanted to come watch this major geek-out, that would be fine, but I suspect none of them would care.

7.  Dinner and drinks – location TBD.  But it will be a nice place and there will be no children.  Everyone will speak in hushed tones.  I want a quiet dinner in peace.  I want an appetizer, I want a salad, I want a main dish, I want dessert.  I want to eat all of it and I want to sit in that restaurant until I’m done.  I do not want to have to leave or rush because someone can’t sit still anymore.

8.  When we were tipsy enough to be happy but not so drunk that we’d be hungover, we’d go to bed.  Not too late.  I need sleep.  And the bed – remember the fabulous hotel?  It’s a large, soft bed.  And I bought new jammies in #5, so it’ll be good.

9.  After a restful 12 hours of slumber, I’d order room service.  Breakfast in bed.  Laptop time.  Reading, writing, etc.  Getting my thoughts in order.  I don’t care what the other ladies do.  This was my 48 hours to begin with and I just opted to let them join me.  I love them, but I don’t need to spend the entire time with them.

10.  For the rest of the time, I’d repeat the best parts of #1-9.  Probably more shopping (with all that unlimited money!), more nice, quiet meals, more spa time.  More hanging out with my favorite ladies doing fun stuff.  More quiet time to read and write.

Alternate uses of my 48 hours:
1) Romantic getaway with husband.  Food, relaxing, drinks, maybe some beach.  Romantic-y stuff, etc.
2) I’d hire a team to clean my house and help me organize everything that’s in it.  Attic, basement, carpets, windows, laundry.  All of it.  I don’t care how many people I need to hire, but this house will be spotless and organized.  I wonder if we could paint and landscape it too?
3) I’d take my kid to Legoland California.  We’d hire a private jet to get us there on our own schedule, have all of the fun and then come home.  We would get fried apples AND churros.  Before we head home, I’d pick up coffee at It’s A Grind, because there are none of those on the East Coast.  While I was gone, someone will have cleaned my house.  There will be someone waiting to put my child to bed for me upon our return and someone will have cooked my dinner.  Because that’s the worst part of returning from a trip, jumping back into reality.

OK, so can I please have 4 sets of 48 hours?  Please?


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24 Responses to “48 Hours.”

  1. collettakay says:

    I want to come with you too! That sounds like a fun 48 hours :)

    Yeah, I’d pay off my mortgage. That was my first thought. How sad is that?


  2. ryder ziebarth says:

    You forgot about the private car that follows you around from store to store as you shop. No need for shipping, just dump it all in the chauffered , Black SUV. He unpacks it and recycles the cardboard into neat little piles tied with string, when you get home, too.

  3. Jackie says:

    A vacation in NYC sounds perfect to me!

  4. All fantastic suggestions. I love the girls weekend but separate rooms. That’s brilliant. And there’s a Legoland park in FL now (just down the way from my parents) . I think that’s a must this summer for me and my 8 year old. Great lists.

  5. Stasha says:

    I give you four set of 48hr. Puff!! Sorry, didn’t work. Will keep trying :)
    Funny that was the first thing my husband said too. I need to manage my time wisely, 48 hrs is not much. Everybody had to follow him too, on time!
    I like your 48hrs. Hope I can tag along :)
    SO have you been to Lego land? My son keeps asking and I am not sure…

    • Thank you for trying, I appreciate that. We love Legoland, CA. Can’t beat Carlsbad as a town overall, so there’s that. But the park is perfect for preschool to middle school aged kids. The aquarium is excellent and the waterpark is pretty good too. Food is very tasty for an amusement park. We are going back for a third time this summer.

  6. Jen says:

    I see a common theme running through the 48 hours one…clean houses, spa treatments, dinner and drinks. Heck, we don’t ask for much!!
    Great list :)

  7. Yoli N. says:

    I love how you sneak away from the girls to go to Staples…. they just wouldn’t understand! LOL Found and followed you through Monday Hop

  8. Stacey says:

    I want to come with you to the container store! It sounds like a lovely place! Great list!

  9. I love your geek-out fantasy!! I can’t say it’s one of mine but I can appreciate it for sure. I also love your alternative fantasies—very nice to be thinking of the loved ones too. Great list. hope at least one of these come true. Erin

  10. Wow, your girls’ weekend sounded heavenly, but I got really excited over your alternate idea to have your house cleaned, organized, painted, and landscaped. I’m not just blowing sunshine when I say the word “brilliant” popped into my head. Ellen

    • It was inspired by those shows – like Extreme Makeover or something like that where the family leaves and they come back to a beautiful home. I don’t want my house to get so bad that I qualify for one of those shows, but it would so nice to get the benefit of it!

  11. You nailed it, sister! Condition AND shave…fresh towels…hushed voices…and so many courses at your meal. You’re out of control. And seriously, I feel you on Container Store and Staples. Zen!

    I’m here from both Listicles AND Yeah Write. Check and check. Love it!

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I really don’t think I’m asking for too much. Honestly, if I got to do HALF of that I think I’d be thrilled to bits. Who am I kidding, if i was able to shower in peace more than once per week, I’d fall over and die from the shock of it all :)

  12. AudreyN says:

    Oh your list is fantastic and I want to go on your 48 hour trip!!! No re-using towels or sharing the hot water!

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