7. Accident Prone.

I have a tendency to get hurt a lot.  Usually it’s nothing major, but it’s always something annoying.  Those around me are used to it.

My latest injury started out as a hangnail on my right hand index finger.  It went crazy and I actually had to see a doctor.  After a round of antibiotics, it still wasn’t better.  I returned to the doctor and she attempted to cut it open to help it heal.  Now there are more antibiotics to be on the safe side.

I was taught to type using proper form and I don’t even know how to type without using all of my fingers.

Nearly ever keystroke is causing me an amazing amount of pain.  I can’t hold a pen and my whole hand is starting to hurt from holding my non-usable finger in a weird way.

But I’m determined to continue with  NaBloPoMo, even if it makes me want to chop off my own hand.

So there.  Day 7 is done.  Barely.

10 Responses to “7. Accident Prone.”

  1. I hear you Michelle! Bogging every day is so hard. The price I’m paying is that I’m not getting to visit a lot of blogs I normally frequent. Boo!

  2. Robbie K says:

    That sounds incredibly painful! My post for tomorrow is about how NaBloPoMo is sucking the life out of me.

  3. Blogging every day is really hard. You are such a rock star for keeping up with it despite the injury.

  4. Ken says:

    That’s terrible about your finger, I hope it heals up quickly for you.

    I don’t know if this will be helpful to you or not, but perhaps the typing style that I use may work for you while you heal up. Basically, all that you need is on finger on each hand. The beauty of this style is that you can use any finger that you want, leaving your injured finger to heal without causing further aggravation. Just a thought. :)

    • It’s funny, since I learned to type this way, I actually can’t type any other way! I keep messing up.

      But yes, I need to let it rest so it can heal. That’s what smart people do.

  5. Dilovely says:

    You are a trouper, Michelle! You can do it.

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