I’m Not Giving Up.

I’m Not Giving Up.

I did not come this far to blow it all now. No, my friends, I am not going to let this day go by without posting. I wrote a long and rambling post that went nowhere and, since I like you, I’ll spare you.

It’s become clear to me that Mondays and I do not get along, particularly on the blogging front. I don’t remember how to make all the words and such. Thankfully this is the last Monday of NaBloPoMo. Yay!

In lieu of a real post, I’ll show you a picture from this summer when my kid pretended to get eaten by a shark.

photo (45)

No one has more fun getting eaten by a shark than my kid!

There you go. I’m not really sure how to end a pointless post. So maybe I’ll just end it like this.

This is NaBloPoMo Day 25. You can read other writers here.

8 Responses to “I’m Not Giving Up.”

  1. Do you know that for a period of time (and it wasn’t a short period) I was obsessed with the idea of dying by being eaten by a shark? I wrote it down and declared it to my family multiple times — when I was 80-something years old I planned to go swimming, find a great white shark and somehow convince it to eat me. I have issues.

    • michellelongo says:

      You scare me sometimes, but only because I sometimes think about how I’d like to die in my 80s. Though I must say my plan is quite a bit less creative than by a shark eating me! I want to hear how you are planning to convince the shark.

  2. Stacie says:

    I so live gat photo. But that shark is no match for Nathan!

  3. Stacie says:

    Omg stupid iPad auto correct. Love that not live gat geez.

  4. My son would so do that too! In fact, he kinda thought that WAS him!

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