If I’m being honest…

I don’t feel like blogging tonight. ~ I have seen the entire series of 30 Rock probably over 100 times and I’m perfectly happy to be watching it again tonight. ~ I just ate an ice cream sandwich and there is a very real possibility I’m going to get up and get myself another when I’m done writing this. ~ Even though one of my very smart friends told me that the pain in my jaw is probably from stress, I’ve still been slightly worried all day that I have tetanus. ~ I lost my patience with my son tonight because I am not a very patient person and his grumpiness over being sick was just more than I could take today. ~ My lunch consisted of mozzarella sticks, root beer, potato chips, french onion dip and half a candy bar. ~ I spend way too much time daydreaming about selling all of my material belongings and moving to a tiny cabin in California. ~ I don’t really believe that women can have it all and I don’t think work/life balance exists. ~ I have been trying to read the same book for two months and by trying to read I mean it’s sitting on my night stand not getting read. ~ I don’t think I’m going to make it to 9 p.m. tonight. ~ I’m going to go eat that second ice cream sandwich now.

This is NaBloPoMo Day 26. You can read more here.

12 Responses to “Honesty.”

  1. shreejacob says:

    Hello :) Dropping by to thank you for the ping back to my post :)
    Loved your post! Loved it’s honestly..makes me feel okay that I had half a candy bar for breakfast this morning..lol.

    I get that jaw thing too…that’s when I realise how stressed I am and need to consciously relax!

  2. Sara says:

    Perfectly expressed. I totally agree that work/life balance doesn’t truly exist. Hope you had a restful night!

  3. Stacie says:

    Some days, you just need that second ice cream sandwich. Hugs!

  4. Stacie says:

    Ps I have not read ANY of my book since NaBlo. Almost done!

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