NaBloPoMo Day 3.

Please allow me to only give you a very minor post today.

We had that hurricane on Monday.  Our power went out about 9:15 Monday night and didn’t come up until Wednesday at about the same time.  We invited friends to stay with us because they were still without power and they got here on Thursday around 3.

Then, last night, as we were finishing dinner, the power went out again.  The water turned brown while we were washing up the children.

The power came up today at around 5pm, nearly 22 hours after it went out.  The water is clear again.

We were all packing up to go to different houses with power.  Just as the last bags were being packed it came on.

I cried.  Partially tears of joy, partially tears of frustration.

We blasted the heat, got a load of laundry done and re-inflated the air mattresses.  It’s warm enough and we’ve all eaten so we can stay here again tonight, even if we lose power again.

I know (honestly, I do) that many still are much worse off than we are.  We are all tired and frustrated and nervous.  But we’re alive and our homes are OK (well, my friends’ house is still dark and cold, but it’s OK).

It’s not even 7pm but it feels like it’s midnight.  I’m headed to bed soon, I’m sure.

I owe so many of you comments on your blogs, replies on mine and I need to read so much of what you’ve written.  I’m not ignoring you, just dealing with our own drama.

Thank you all for all of the kind words lately.  Truly.

Hopefully I can post again tomorrow.

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  1. Hope it stays on! Our downtown finally got power, and a few residents. Many still out though. No one in my part of town has power…I have been bad about reading/commenting this week. I think people will cut us a little bit of slack 😉

    • Stacie I hope you’re back up and running soon. I am relieved that we have power and I’m feeling guilty about enjoying it. I know it wasn’t our fault, but I felt bad that our friends came here (they are from Sussex County) with their kids and then were going to have to leave. 3 kids (ages 3, 4 and 5) with no power was tough, even with 4 adults.

  2. Gina says:

    I truly can’t believe what you are going through along with so many people out east. We are so insulated here in Chicago. We see the news and the drama but to know real people and what their day-to-day life is like is heartbreaking. I hope that this week brings your family some peace and consistent electricity. We take so much for granted. Prayers!

    • The saddest part, Gina, is that we aren’t even in the worst of it. The people one block behind me still don’t have power since Monday night, neither do our friends staying with us. I have a friend who just redid her basement after Irene and it flooded again. We are very close to 4 towns that flooded severely and the shore is just a disaster. I feel like an ass complaining about power, but it was our struggle. I can’t imagine not even having a home to go back to.

  3. Oh no, what a mess! I know how happy you were when you got your power back. How awful and frustrating to lose it again. I’m glad that it came back on the second time. Here’s hoping that it stays on for good!

    • If we had just been without the whole time, I think we’d be upset, but it wouldn’t be the same kind of frustration if the power company hadn’t intentionally shut us off. I really hope this is it and it’s all good from here. We need to get back to routines around here!

  4. You’re doing great, Michelle; amazed that the blogger part of you is functioning at all, considering. Hang in there — we’ll all be right here when you get back to normal.

  5. We’re all rooting for you! And hoping life gets back to normal for you and your family and friends soon!

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