Ode to My Heater

Ode to My Heater

Morning, Heater, my old friend.
You’re here to warm me up again.
Because winter’s slowly creeping,
It got cold while I was sleeping
And the warmness that I used to feel is gone.
It’s all wrong.
That’s why I love my heater.

It used to be warm when I woke.
Now it’s cold; there is no hope.
At four-thirty when I wake up,
I shiver and I put my hoodie on.
But the feeling in my fingers is all gone.
My toes are numb.
That’s why I need my heater.

And though it’s cold I have to work
With every part of me that’s hurt
From the shaking I’ve been doing,
All this involuntary shiv’ring,
But the glow of the heater says it’s on.
Soon I’ll be warm.
All ’cause of you, my heater.

There are some who like it cold
Although why I do not know.
When it’s warm I can get things done.
I use a heater when there’s no sun.
Outside it’s cold, but in here it’s 85.
I feel alive
When I turn on my heater.

Now it’s kinda hot in here.
I’ll hang my hoodie on my chair.
And my thigh is starting to burn
I’ll move the heater back before it’s worse.
But I’ll never, no, I’ll never turn it off.
At least ’til May.
Oh, yes, I love my heater.

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