Cook, Potatoes, Cook!

Cook, Potatoes, Cook!

I made the cranberry sauce this morning before work. I also peeled the sweet potatoes.

At lunchtime, I peeled the white potatoes.

Right after a full day of work, I finished making the sweet potatoes. All they need are some marshmallows tomorrow. My husband and I jointly made a pumpkin pie which is cooling on the table.

I have been cleaning as I go. Things are mostly in order. I delegated some food items this year because I simply cannot deal.

I put my still-not-100%-feeling-better kid to bed and started the other potatoes. All I need is for them to finish cooking so I can mash and whip them and then I can sit down for the night.

There is a ton more to do tomorrow before company gets here and that’s fine. I’ll get to it. Or at least most of it and if I don’t, then I don’t care because I simply cannot deal with that either.

But these potatoes… they aren’t cooking fast enough. As I type, they are still boiling. Hang on, let me go check them…

…They were done. And just as I was about to mash them, our pizza arrived. You didn’t think I was going to cook a meal for tonight, too, did you?

So I mashed and I ate. Now I’m sleepy. Tomorrow is a new day, with lots of cooking and cleaning and being thankful and all that crap. I mean good stuff. Yes, good stuff, that’s what I meant.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, people.

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4 Responses to “Cook, Potatoes, Cook!”

  1. I highly recommend making potatoes in the crockpot! Wast & delicious!!

  2. Stacie says:

    I got off the hook this year since we’re in Boston. I’m sure your potatoes will be delicious!

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