Rest. Who Knew?

Rest. Who Knew?

Yesterday, my son went to spend the night at his grandparents’ house. I had planned to binge watch TV and eat all the things. Great plan, right?

It totally was a great plan. I have barely worked or thought about working since Wednesday. I have thought a lot about the way my life has been going and what I can do to fix that. I think the most important part though was getting some time to sit mindlessly without serving anyone, doing anything that needed to be done, or passing out the second my ass hit the couch. I also slept until 7:30 this morning. Seven. Thirty.

Things look much better today than they did last week.

Rest. Who knew?

This is yeah write’s nomo day 28. It’s also my submission to the weekend moonshine grid at yeah write.

2 Responses to “Rest. Who Knew?”

  1. Oh my goodness. Sometimes when I don’t have the kids I just sit and stare at nothing. Lol

  2. All work and no rest
    Does not work out best.

    Happy weekend and happy relaxing

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