Risticles.  That’s a word I made up for a list of random questions for Monday Listicles.  Do you like it?

Stasha from The Good Life who is in charge of all this Listicle stuff has provided us with a list of 10 random questions to answer this week.  I was thinking that this sounded like a really easy topic, but then some of them were actually kind of hard.  I’m not sure if that’s because I’m mentally or physically exhausted, but it doesn’t really matter, does it?

Without further delay, here goes…

1.  Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, and find line 4. What is it?
Food Rules by Michael Pollan:  …an extreme degree of processing; such products should…
Incidentally, this one was hard because as I type this I’m in my upstairs hallway where it is 89 degrees while my son plays in the bathtub.  I had to crawl all the way into the office to find the nearest book.

2.  How many times a day do you say Hi?  Since I’m writing this on a Sunday, I’ll tell you about today. Because I can tell you that on a weekday it is way.too.many.  I’m very anti-social and I care not to be talking as much as I need to.  Writing is another matter.  Oh, so how many times?  Once each to my husband and child when we were all getting up this morning.  Several times to them while eating lunch, including waving.  I enjoy saying hi to my family when they are in another room and waving to them.  I said hi to some woman while I was out walking.  I said hi to the cashier at the grocery store and the two people working at the stores I made returns to.  How many is that?  I’m going to stand by my weekday answer of too many.

3.  Have you ever worn a uniform?  Yes.  I was a cheerleader for basketball (3 years) and football (4 years) in high school.  I played softball (7 years), soccer (1 year) and basketball (4 years) in grade school.  I worked at a Dairy Queen (6 years).  All of these activities required uniforms.

4.  What do you think about the most?  I can’t say one thing, but here are a few that dominate 95% of my thoughts:  my family, work, writing, things I need to get done (like housework) and a few other personal things that are just too personal (I’m sure you have those kinds of things too).

5.  How many keys are on your keyring?  There is the house key, the car key and some other key that may or may not be for the fireproof lock box.  If that’s not what it’s for, then I have no idea what it goes to.

6.  What was the last thing you thought about?  How many keys are on my keyring.  But if you mean before I started writing my listicles, then it was how I made good steps towards some goals today.  Yes, I was patting myself on the back silently in my own head.

Oh wait.  I just realized it was the last thing I BOUGHT.  Groceries.

7.   Are you growing anything these days?  Fatter.  I’ve been growing fatter.

8.  What is under your bed?  Maybe a pair of shoes, I’m not sure.  Also, there is a piece of plastic that was wrapped around the center leg when it was delivered 2 years ago that I can’t reach to pull out.

9.  What is most important in life?  For my family to be happy.  How we can all “be happy” remains a mystery.

10.  What is the strangest word you used this week?  I haven’t the slightest idea.  That’s a tough one.  I don’t even remember what I talked about this week.  I don’t think I say strange words.  I’m very normal.  Nothing strange going on here.

So that’s it.  That’s my list.  Now click on the badge below and read some of the other blogs!

12 Responses to “Risticles.”

  1. I love that you were a cheerleader! Especially since you now describe yourself as anti-social. ha! Erin

    • I went to a really small high school, so pretty much you just needed a pulse to get on the squad. However, I was enthusiastic at the time :) And I’m really good at yelling.

  2. I’m growing fatter, too. That’s hilarious! Great list:)

  3. Stasha says:

    I thought I was all done with growing but I surprise myself with new inches all the time. I love randomly saying hi around the house. I need more personal thoughts and less about housework too. WHoever said the french maid outfit was sexy was not doing the maid job for sure.

  4. Katie E says:

    Haha…#10 was pretty much my thought for that question, too.

    • I feel like I might have said a word I don’t usually say or one of those words that if you keep saying it, it sounds totally weird, but I can’t for the life of me remember what any of them are!

  5. Jackie says:

    When you’ve figured out how we all can be happy, could you let me know? Hopefully it’s cooled down for you Michelle!

    • Yeah, I think you’re going to be waiting a long time for that one! And it’s still pretty hot here. Hope you’re not in that boil water zone (not sure how far that spread).

  6. Larks says:

    I too have mystery keys. And can relate to the growing fatter bit. ::: Sigh ::: I can’t help thinking that the fact that my mind went immediately to these rather negative things while I was commenting has something to do with why happiness is so elusive… ;-P

    • I keep looking for happiness inside burritos and I don’t find it. I should look elsewhere. Like maybe in a pizza 😉 But yes, perhaps changing my outlook would help towards the happy thing!

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