I Just Wanted To Sit On My Couch.

I Just Wanted To Sit On My Couch.

Now, I’m not one prone to complaining, but, well, I’ve got something on my mind.

I’m about to say something you’ve heard more than once already this month: I had a post planned for today but you’re not going to see it here. And the reason, as it almost always is, is that I’m too tired to write it.

Nathan woke up at 4:30 today, but he didn’t wake me up because I’d already been up for 2 hours. So I’m well aware that I probably would be in a much better mood and less crabby today if I had gotten some sleep, but this is not the reality we are faced with.

Please, someone tell me that 7 is the magic age at which only children suddenly start to play by themselves. Please. Because if it’s 8 or, gasp, later, I’m not sure I’m going to make it.

I have parked my child in front of a borderline inappropriate show so that I could sit down for a little while and not have to entertain this kid. I played dominoes against my will, I fed him, I let him follow me around, I even let him throw stuffed animals at me. But then, when I begged for a few minutes to sit down and not hear his precious, sweet little voice talking to me for just a few minutes, he insisted upon sitting down next to me.

Now, when I say next to me, I don’t mean a foot from me or even a few inches from me. I mean practically on top of me. His head is leaning on my arm and I can barely type. We are all squished up on one end of the couch and there is enough room for him to stretch out with his head touching the other arm of the couch and his feet wouldn’t be touching me. He could sit on the love seat with his father and they would both have plenty of elbow room. He could sit on the chaise that is next to the couch I’m sitting on like a king on his throne, but no. No, he is sitting all up in my personal space.

(I cracked myself up there. Mothers don’t actually have personal space, do they?)

Do not misunderstand. This kid means the world to me, but I would really, really like it if he wasn’t sitting on me right now. I’ve asked him to move, but he declined citing an extreme necessity to be close to me. It looks like the only way I’m going to gain a little space is to go cook him dinner.

He just made me put my arm around him. That’s my cue. I’m off to the kitchen.

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19 Responses to “I Just Wanted To Sit On My Couch.”

  1. Mamahood. Enough said in this post to illustrate the whole shebang. Hoping you get some personal space soon!

    • michellelongo says:

      Yeah, it can be a bit much. I guarantee that I’ll be in his room an hour after he goes to bed giving him extra kisses while he sleeps, though.

  2. I was up in the middle of the night, too. I did turn off the alarm clock that Philip had set, but he woke up around 2:30 am. Chuckling. Then giggling. Then it became a full-blown belly-laugh. We were up for the next 3 hours.

  3. michellelongo says:

    I meant to do a little research on insomnia in children, but I was too tired and forgot. I hope you got a little sleep later in the morning and I hope we all have a restful night tonight!

  4. Oh, man… This has been my day too minus the 4.30a thing. And if I don’t get at least a little alone time I become a crazy person. This is why X-box Kinect is currently babysitting my child while I catch up on blog reading in the peace and quiet of my room.

    • michellelongo says:

      If I’m not mistaken, ours are around the same age (Nathan will be 7 in January). He’s back on top of me, making his stuffed peacock ask me for random food items. Thankfully in this house if you wake up at 4:30 and you’re 6, you have to go to bed at 6:30. Hope the Kinect works its magic!

  5. Honey, I’d die in your shoes. The best day of my life was when my kids started playing together. Without me. I hope it’s 7!!!!!

  6. Stacie says:

    7 sounds about right to me. Yeah, that’s it. It does get easier.

    • michellelongo says:

      Yesterday was particularly bad because everyone was so tired. Today, a little more rested, he’s playing alone for the moment. And he’s going out to the movies with his dad today, so that means a little quiet non-work time for me, hooray!

      • Stacie says:

        Yay movies! With a 7 yr age difference, I basically have two onlies. With Shane it was Minecraft that made him not need me. It’s actually a pretty good game where they build stuff. He plays online with his cousin but you don’t have to go online to play.

        • michellelongo says:

          We need to invite more friends over to play. He likes to hang out with other people. We just don’t think to do it until we’re all going nuts.
          Nathan’s never played Minecraft. I’ve shown him, but he doesn’t seem as interested (which means he probably thinks it looks hard). He was playing Tree World for a while after hanging out with Shane though.

  7. Azara says:

    Mine are 1 and 3 – we’ve got awhile to go. I try not to think about it!

    • michellelongo says:

      Definitely don’t think about it!! Like I said to Stacie, most days are not as bad as that, thank goodness. And I do think having two means that at least some of the time they’ll play with each other.

  8. Michelle, you’re getting closer and closer to the age of independent play (and reading, even cooler). My oldest started reading chapter books to himself around age eight and has hardly spoken to me since.

    • michellelongo says:

      I remember you telling me this sort of thing once before – my Louise pep talk! Nathan’s right on the edge of reading. He can do it, but he needs help with bigger words and needs to up his confidence. Once we’re there, I think we’ll never see him again. Though I suspect I’ll lose him to Google, where he will look up every little idea his brain gets.

  9. I hope it’s 7 too! Wishing you some serious couch time in your personal space soon :)

    • michellelongo says:

      Thanks much! I know someday I’m going to miss his constant need to be on top of me, but an hour off here and there would be great!

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