Standard Saving Time.

Standard Saving Time.

Can we talk about how stupid daylight saving time is?

You can’t save daylight. If I could save daylight, I’d take a few minutes of sun every day in the summer, put it in a jar and then when I felt like I was never going to feel sunlight again, I’d open the jar and pour some on myself.

To be clear, I live in New Jersey. We have a week or two left where it might be bearable outside and then it will get to the point where even when it’s sunny it’s not warm. Then there will hardly be any sun anymore. Daylight becomes something I long for nostalgically. If we were saving daylight all summer, why is the winter so terrible?

So now it’s Standard Time. Or, I more precisely, The Time It’s Supposed to Be and Would Be If We’d Left It Alone Last Spring.

It seems like people are either in the I-prefer-morning-sun or I-prefer-afternoon-sun camps, but I am firmly in the ALL-THE-SUN CAMP. I want it in the morning AND the afternoon. I think we should demand it. Maybe if enough of us got together we could change things. I’m sorry I can’t be satisfied with one or the other. I really wish I could be. Don’t tell me I’m silly for wanting impossible things. I already know that.

And, while we’re messing with the clocks just because someone somewhere at some point decided that it’s okay to change the time just because he didn’t like the circumstances, I propose we institute Monday Ahead: at 9am, we change the clocks to 5pm. This could work just as well for Tuesday through Friday. Or, you know, all of them.

If we’re going to move time around, we should really do so in a meaningful way. Saving daylight? Yeah, I wish.

This is yeah write’s nomo writing challenge Day 2.

12 Responses to “Standard Saving Time.”

  1. I second “Monday Ahead” time.

  2. Stacie says:

    This made me laugh! I am definitely in ALL-THE-SUN camp!

  3. Monday-ahead would work perfectly paired with Fall-Back-Sunday.

    Daylight savings is not a universal thing, weird as that sounds. Only some countries do it. We didn’t have it in Japan and I did not miss it!

    • michellelongo says:

      I knew it wasn’t universal but I didn’t know exactly where it wasn’t a thing. Wherever that is, I think that’s where I belong.

  4. I never really thought much about Daylight Savings Time before, but this year I have a baby who was once a champion 12 hour a night sleeper, but once we changed the clocks, he has all of a sudden decided that 5:30 am is a super time to be wide awake and ready to play. So I am now wholeheartedly against changing the clocks anytime, ever.


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