Thanksgiving Eve.

Thanksgiving Eve.

I have a ton of work to do by tomorrow morning (and a ton more this weekend) but I’m off from my day job until Monday and I’m quite pleased about that.

This is the first year in over a decade that I’m not hosting Thanksgiving. I’ve been threatening for years to stop cooking and this year we got an invite to celebrate with a friend’s family. While I used to love to cook, the pressure to put together an elaborate meal (one my kid won’t even eat, btw) with never enough time to prep is just too much. It was never even that many of us but it was too much. I work a day job plus freelance plus family and it is JUST. TOO. MUCH.

So today I got out of work early, took my kid and his busted face to the doctor (his face is rapidly becoming less busted), then came home and worked. I had dessert for dinner and now I’m going to bed at 9. Tomorrow, I’ll wake up and work and then not cook and it will be glorious. I haven’t been this relaxed on a Thanksgiving Eve in, well, over a decade.

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  1. Jennifer G. Knoblock says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy!

  2. Sounds lovely, have a wonderful holiday, and don’t work too hard!

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