Thirsty with Long Fingernails.

Have you been wondering how I’ve been?

I’m going to tell you anyway, because that’s the sort of thing that I do.
Thursday night I realized I was ridiculously thirsty.  I was thirsty as though I had been walking around in the desert for the last two weeks.  I figured if I just went to bed it would pass.  Friday morning it had not.  So I had some juice, some coffee and several cups of tea.  And a soda.  I also ate.  I ate a plum, a bagel and a few other (thousand) things.  I kept eating because somehow I thought I would feel better.
Do you want to know the one thing I didn’t try?  Drinking a glass of water.  In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I drank a full glass of water.  It’s been at least a week.  Probably longer.

Definitely longer.

A few moments ago, I drank three sips of water, enough to take the three Advil I just downed for the headache I have.  Still have?  Have again?  I don’t know, I’ve lost track.  I’ve had more headaches in the last few weeks than there have been actual days to have them.  (Yes, I’m aware that’s not really possible.)
Unrelated, I really need to cut my fingernails.  They aren’t really that long.  They aren’t like the fake nails you see on women sometimes or anything like that.  But they’re too long for me.  Usually I can tell my nails are too long when I can’t get my contacts out of my eyes without nearly scratching my cornea.  
Incidentally, I have no idea if I can scratch my cornea by taking out my contacts with too long fingernails.  I probably can’t blind myself either, but sometimes I worry about this, too.
On Monday night, the first night removing my contacts hurt, I promised myself I’d cut my nails on Tuesday.  I was too tired to remain standing for another minute, so it would have to wait.  Then I repeated this on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  It’s Saturday afternoon and my nails are getting in the way as I type this. 
And those few anecdotes completely sum up how I’ve been.  
The sun is finally shining today.  I was outside in it for a little while today and it felt so good on my face that it practically made me cry.  It felt like a small glimmer of hope after a long, cold, dark winter.
I’m going to go back outside.  I’m going to drink some water, cut my nails and then go stand in the sun.
I’m tired of how I’ve been.  I’m going to try to be something else now.

I’m linking up with the Yeah Write Moonshine weekend grid.  Join us.  It’s a fun, no pressure, hangout, no judging place to meet great writers who, as it happens, inspire me to be a better person pretty damn regularly.

Also, happy birthday, Erica!!

25 Responses to “Thirsty with Long Fingernails.”

  1. Kristin says:

    Sounds like a plan for the weekend. No, really! I am cutting my nails, my daughter’s nails, and my vomiting son’s nails this weekend. Two of us will be drinking water, the third one may end up dehydrated from puking every time he drinks some water. Perhaps we’ll all go stand in the sun to rejuvenate and/or disinfect.

    So, really: parallel lives!

  2. Vanessa D says:

    My fingers actually hurt if my nails are too long. Even still, I would probably do just like you and need to cut them Monday, and Tuesday, and so on.

  3. This is so funny. Water? Whoda thought? It’s SO beautiful today. Weird to be 50 after all the snow yesterday! my nails are clickity clicking right now.

    • I really don’t like water, so I’ll know I need some and drink everything but. I need to be better at that. It was beautiful out, but all of the grass was soggy. Can’t wait to go outside again tomorrow! I cut the nails, so I feel much better now!!

  4. Michelle! You MUST drink water! Hydration is my whole maternal schtick and I’m going to now wake up in the middle of the night worrying about you, along with all the dehydrated children of this country. Just remember this: hydrated cells work better. You’ll feel better. You’ll think more clearly. The writing will come more easily. Drink it as if it’s medicine, but drink it!

    • No!! Don’t wake up worrying about me! I would feel terrible if you did. I’m going to have a big glass right now, before my coffee. Then I promise to do better all day.

      :) Thanks.

  5. You must be healthy if your nails are so strong. My are thin as paper. I never can get them to grow. And your headache could be from lack of water. You really do need to choke some down. I have a hard time with it too but I force myself.

  6. Marcy says:

    I had the same reaction as Louise. I push water on my kids all the time. If they tell me they have a headache, I tell them they must be dehydrated, so drink some water. Sniffles, flu, sore throat, tired? They all call for more water in my house. Their nails get pretty out of control, too, but I don’t tend to notice that.

  7. Christie says:

    I am with you here!!! I have both of those issues. I get less aches when I drink water but I hate it.

  8. Bee says:

    I’m the same way when it comes to my nails! It’s getting really hard to take my contacts out and I meant to trim them last night, but I blew it off. Maybe I should go do that now. And have a drink of water while I’m at it. 😉

  9. Jack says:

    No long nails on this man, I suppose it is one of the benefits of being male, just don’t have to have them. I’ll echo those who suggested pounding some H2O, it makes a difference.

    Hope your headaches disappear.

    • I’ve been trying with the water. The good thing about being female is I don’t have to keep my nails long, but if they get long, no one notices. I almost always keep them super short though. I don’t have time for nail maintenance!

  10. “I’m tired of how I’ve been. I’m going to try to be something else now.”

    Love this.

  11. cynk says:

    You made me thirsty just reading this. I’m joining all of the other moms in reminding you:
    Drink your water, dear.

  12. I HATE WATER!!! I thought I was the only person who didn’t drink any. And who got more headaches than days in a week.
    Maybe they are connected? Maybe we should drink more water and talk in a week. See what’s up. 😛

    I hope you had some sunshine and a mini-mani. :-)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Long fingernails on men why not who cares most guys grow harder stronger nails then girls anyway sure why not

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