Time Flies.

Time flies when you’re not blogging. Isn’t that a famous quote or something?

As I sat down to write this week’s installment of Wellness Wednesday, I realized I hadn’t written anything since the prior week’s installment. I would love to be one of those people who produces daily content, but lately life has been getting in the way of that.
Who am I trying to kid? I’ve been too busy to do that for as long as I’ve been blogging.
This is not to say that those who can blog daily aren’t busy, of course they are. I honestly don’t know when they write. (Hey, anyone want to clue me in on that one?)
It’s not that I don’t have ideas. I have a note pad on my desk on which I write all the ideas I have while I’m working. The intention is that when I’m done working I can write the post. Well, the pad is filling up and the posts aren’t getting written. I have a book review I want to write, a mom-blog about pop music based on events that took place last June, a social commentary piece about Robin Thicke (if I get it posted within a month of the VMAs, is it still relevant?), and a post about my 2nd blog-versary which came and went on August 24th with nary a mention.
Instead I’m writing this to tell you that I really WANT to write, but I can’t seem to find the time.
I am on the go for about 14 hours a day between work, mom-stuff, and keeping house. I sleep about 7 hours. Where am I losing the other 3? It’s certainly not to writing. Must investigate this.  
(Note to self:  Write blog post about missing time. Maybe with a sci-fi slant?)
Where else am I spending my time? Well, I was given the opportunity to become a contributing editor over at yeah write. Actually it’s more like I weaseled my way in, but no matter. My picture on the editor’s page is probably one of the best you’ll find of me on all of the internet. I love getting to open the challenge grid on Tuesdays and open the moonshine grid on Fridays. So I *am* writing a minimum of 3 times each week, I just post 2 of them over there. It’s a fun community and I’m thrilled to be doing it. If you aren’t already aware of it, you should be checking it out.
In less than 2 weeks I’m headed down to the Type A Parent conference in Atlanta.  If you’re going to be there, please look for me and say hi, K?  That means there’s lots of planning and practice packing and then for real packing and more planning to do.  I also have back to school night and the year’s first PTA meeting coming up.  It seems to me that I’m going to be just as busy in the coming weeks as I have been, but you know what?  I’m looking forward to it.

Just let me grab another cup of coffee.

I’m adding my little brain dump into the mix at the yeah write moonshine grid.  Almost anything goes over there, so head on over and maybe link up a post of your own!

23 Responses to “Time Flies.”

  1. psychochef says:

    Congratulations on your two year blogaversary, and your Yeah Write editing gig!

    Writing three times a week (even if two of the posts are on another site) is nothing short of amazing. I feel like doing cartwheels if I make 2 posts a month.


    • Thanks Karen! It’s true, I can’t remember the last time I regularly posted 3x a week for any length of time. If I could squeeze in one more here and a little offline writing, I’d be set. Maybe if I figure out where those 3 hours are going!

  2. Michelle, I hear you. When the stars are aligned and the gods are kind, I write daily. How do I really get it done? I commit to marathon writing sessions on the weekends and one morning and one evening during the week. I write before the sun comes up. I revise drafts that have been dormant that fit a prompt.

    I also write much shorter blogs than I often want but I’d rather be actually writing than not writing at all. The older I get, the more I need routine and rituals.

    Even when I don’t write daily, I spend time reading. It keeps the creativity flowing.

    I learned long ago to set a blogging schedule with regular features. Maintain those and readers come and the features keep me focused. Of course I don’t hit all cyclinders all the time but readers are often fellow bloggers so they know the writing life sometimes gets pushed aside.

    Lastly, writing daily doesn’t mean publishing daily.

    My children are grown and I still struggle for time. Stay encouraged.

    Thanks for coming by.

    • I’ve been blaming my son for my inability to write for so long. It’ll be interesting to see if I can increase my writing when he doesn’t need me so much. Thanks for sharing how you get it done and for stopping by!

    • The needs will be different. We’re well out of diapers and a need for constant supervision and now into “stop looking out the window and finish that homework problem” about every three minutes for the one to three hours the homework ordeal takes us each night. Your mileage may vary. My kid is “special.”

    • We’re in the stage of throwing notebooks because it’s too “hard” except it isn’t hard at all, he just can’t see the purpose in writing sight words 2x each so he doesn’t want to do it. We spend more time arguing about it than it takes to do it. Planning to talk to his teacher soon because I don’t like the path we’re headed down.

  3. Time? What’s that? LOL.
    Let me tell you, when I was posting 5 days a week, I was both going insane and not sleeping all that much. Life is much better when I blog less.
    On another note, it’s nice hearing your voice over at Yeah Write! :)

    • Thanks for sharing that other aspects of your life suffered from too much blogging. It’s easy to think that everyone is just coasting along and I’m the only one struggling, even if I sort of know that can’t be true. And thanks for the kind words about yeah write. I’m really happy to be there. It’s a different kind of writing than I’m used to and I am enjoying stretching out of my comfort zone!

  4. I write a lot but have no idea how I do it. Honestly. My house looks like Dookey and other areas of my life take a hit.

    • I’ve never seen dookey spelled that way. I always go with dookie. But I LOVE that you use the word, so that’s all that matters. It’s good to hear you say that it’s hard on you, because your amount and level of writing has always inspired me, but also left me wondering why I can’t get it done. I mean, you have two kids, a spouse, a job, etc. and YOU can write tons. Why can’t I? I know I shouldn’t compare, but it’s hard not to.

  5. Stacie says:

    I’m with you MIchelle! I can’t seem to find the time even to write once per week right now. I hope I can fix that soon…

  6. Stacie says:

    PS you look HOT as a typewriter 😉

  7. Linda Roy says:

    I wonder where the time goes too. It zips by. I sat down to work on a few things and before I knew it, 3 hours had gone by and I felt like I really hadn’t gotten much done. I’m looking forward to reading the Robin Thicke piece. He didn’t get nearly enough flack for his part in that whole train wreck. Happy 2nd Blogaversary!! That’s excellent – as is your gig as contributing editor at Yeah Write! I love Yeah Write. Whenever I take a week off (which is usually because I either don’t have time that week or I don’t know what to write about) I miss it. I wish I were going to Type A. I almost did, but couldn’t swing it. But we’re both Jersey girls, so we’ll have to meet up sometime here! Have a great time at the conference!

    • Ugh, Robin Thicke. I’m rarely jumping onto things like that, simply because I’m too tired to have causes and stuff, but I read something he said that made me furious. I’m going to shoot for getting that done this week.

      I love yeah write and I’m so happy when others do too. I always missed it when I couldn’t contribute. It’s nice to be involved and not feel like I have to write a post – at least not the kind I was writing.

      Too bad you couldn’t make it to the conference. We’ll have to plan a meet up one day.

  8. Congrats on your 2nd blog-versary! Loved reading your blog and I find the ‘too-many-ideas-yet-no-time-to-write’ pretty relate-able though I don’t write as often (or as awesome) as you really do!
    – Maria.

  9. TriGirl says:

    Happy blogiversary! I have never been a daily poster, and this summer I posted *twice*…the whole summer. So, life happens and then we blog about it when we have time. Also, congrats on being a Yeah Write editor! It was fun to get an email from you last week (even though it was because I had to be booted :P)

  10. Sometimes life just happens. There is work to be done, meals to make, laundry to do, and TV shows to watch. And all of a sudden it’s time for bed, and there are no words on the page. I know the feeling. It comes and goes, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Congrats on your Yeah Write editor gig. I love reading your words every Tuesday to open up the grid.

    • If I had a nickel for every time I was watching TV instead of writing, I’d be able to quit my job and have way more time to write. I’m glad you’re enjoying my Tuesday posts. I’m definitely enjoying writing them!

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