Unlucky Number 13.

Unlucky Number 13.

How do you feel about day in the life posts?

Today consisted of the following:

  • Had plans to sell a preschool desk. This meet up was rescheduled from yesterday which was rescheduled from last week. Loaded desk into car. Plans fell through. Relisted desk on kid stuff selling website, made arrangements to sell desk to someone else, changed plans, changed plans back, sold desk.
  • Work. Busy. Blurgh. Started early but barely made a dent. I love end of the year insurance crazy (no I don’t).
  • PTA meeting.
  • Also unearthed from basement, cleaned, and sold a stroller and a highchair.
  • Spent significant time in the basement marveling at the empty space I’ve created.
  • Started laundry that I’ve just now remembered is still in the dryer. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.
  • Read a few blog posts.
  • Picked at a hangnail.
  • Regretted picking at hangnail.
  • Consumed 6 cups of coffee, a cup of tea, and a soda. Still barely able to keep my eyes open.
  • Counted emails. 540.
  • Remembered fondly the time a few months ago I was down to 200. That was a nice time.

Today I did not:

  • Make the beds.
  • Do the dishes.
  • Pick up a few things I needed from the store.
  • Vacuum. And I assure you it was necessary.
  • Write a decent blog post for NaBloPoMo. But I did write a shitty one, so there’s that.
  • Do that second load of laundry I was contemplating.

Tomorrow I need to:

  • Do all the stuff I didn’t do today.
  • Do all the regular stuff I have to do.
  • Do more stuff.
  • Write a better blog post. A much better post.

Have a good night, folks.

This is NaBloPoMo Day 13.

10 Responses to “Unlucky Number 13.”

  1. Larks says:

    This or some variation of this is all of my days. Ever. : sigh :

  2. I go to sleep every single night saying some variation of “I should have done laundry today, I’ll do it tomorrow. And I never do it tomorrow because I hate doing laundry and the washer and dryer are in the basement and I hate going to the basement because that’s where the pipes are, and we always seem to be having some problem or another with our plumbing. So, laundry gets done pretty infrequently around my house.

  3. I have the same kind of conversations with myself after a day. Never seems as if I used my time as wisely and efficiently as I should have. And I was born on the 13th so it always seemed okay to me.

  4. Stacie says:

    You went to a PTA meeting?! I just can’t. They make me very stabby.

  5. I am officially tired of NaBloPomo. It has sucked the life out of me. But I won’t quit.

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