We Were On A Break.

I took a little unintentional blogging hiatus this week.  I haven’t posted in over 10 days, which hasn’t happened since the beginning of the year.  On the one hand, I’m really disappointed about this.  On the other hand, I’m too exhausted and burnt out to care.

I think it’s pretty obvious which hand is winning though, because here I am, posting the Excuse Post.

We celebrate Christmas here.  Merry Christmas, by the way, if you’re into that sort of thing.  If not, hope your day was merry regardless because merry days are probably better than whatever the opposite of merry is.

Celebrating holidays takes up time.  We host Christmas dinner, so I do some cooking the day of and the day before in preparation.  We also go to dinner with friends on Christmas Eve, a 10 year tradition at this point.  It’s nice to have these things to count on, time spent with family and friends.

Nathan was kind enough to tell us that since Santa would be bringing him things, his father and I didn’t have to get him anything.  That was kind of him, don’t you think?

And, work.  What can we say about that?  It’s been steadily getting crazier and crazier.  The benefits industry, like many others, has a lot going on for January 1.  That means my Decembers are nuts.  Most of my blogging time was spent working instead.  I wish I could say that the extra work made my life less stressful.  I suppose in some way it did, but not enough for me to not feel incredibly stressed out.  I can’t really do much of anything but shrug and say, “Eh.” I just have to keep trudging through. I see a small glimmer of hope by the end of January.  At least I hope that’s what I see.

Over the last two nights, I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with friends.  Thursday I got to see friends I met in high school when we worked together at a Dairy Queen. There’s something about people who’ve known you forever to make your heart feel full.  We joked and laughed, reminisced about the good old days, you know how it goes.  It was a great night.  Last night, we had delicious Indian food with a fun couple.  Good food, good conversation, that’s really hard to beat, too.

But, all the social commitments, the work, the family obligations, they’ve left me exhausted.  I haven’t written, which makes me really sad.  I’ve had stuff to say, but the work it takes to move my fingers across keys was really too much.  I missed Yeah Write this past week and I was too tired to even beat myself up about it.  Something had to go.  I wish it wasn’t something I enjoy so much, but, you know, earning a paycheck and feeding my kid had to be the priority.

We are about to get snowed in today.  Monday is New Year’s Eve and we’ll celebrate with friends.  Tuesday we’ll celebrate my son’s 6th birthday a day early since January 2nd will find us back to school and work.  I have a lot to catch up on around the house and if I don’t rest there is no doubt in my mind that I’m going to succumb to whatever illness has been threatening me for the past few weeks.

If something has to get left behind, sadly it will be writing and reading.  I wish there was time to do everything that I wanted to do.  There isn’t.

Thanks for sticking around while I get my non-writing life in order.

11 Responses to “We Were On A Break.”

  1. I hear and feel you, my friend. Work is relentless, holiday guests arrive today and we no longer have a guest room, so they’ll be in the midst of everything, and I need to clean, shop and cook. I have written many awesome posts. . . In my head. Too tired to sit at the keyboard after the kids finally go down. Let’s drive and drive away together.

    • I want to enjoy all the good stuff around me – there’s so much, I know that – but it’s all too much lately. Hope you can enjoy your company. Maybe the new year will afford us a little down time.

  2. Kianwi says:

    The holidays have been awful, and my work has gotten really crazy, too, with a new merger going into effect on Jan 1st. I’ve had time over the last several days to finally get caught up on blogs, and to write some, and it’s felt great. I’m hoping later in January things will be boring, and I’ll have lots and lots of time for blogging!

    Merry Christmas!

    • Merry Christmas to you too! I am hoping to schedule some time off in late January so I can rest and recharge. We aren’t allowed to take time off until after 1/15, so I just have to make it there and hope that things are calm enough that taking a few days won’t set us back too far. Good luck with the merger, those are never easy.

  3. Christie says:

    So with you. We are the guests who arrived in California and there is just not enough time. It’s all good. It will all be back to normal soon.

  4. I hear you and get it. I’ve been on a break also and took some baby steps back the other day. I hate that things I love and that fill me are the often the first things to go, but the holidays are all encompassing – no good way to do it all. Welcome back!

    • Yup, I hate letting the “hobby” go. I also hate that the “hobby” isn’t what pays the bills, but that’s another matter completely. It’s good to be back though and I’m looking forward to the good stuff in the new year!

  5. I love the holidays, but I am also really looking forward to things getting back to normal. Happy New Year!

  6. Azara says:

    I’m already dreading March 4, when my mat leave ends. I know I’m going to be feeling just like this, especially because I’m going back at the busiest time of the year for me.

  7. Jack says:

    Life takes priority, makes me a bit crazy when it happens, but what can you do. Hope your New Years was great.

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