It’s Wednesday evening and I’m super-duper tired. My back hurts – it might be from kickboxing last night or it could be that I’m dying. It’s unclear.

I go into the office on Wednesdays and interacting with humans and wearing my travelling clothes really wears me out.

When I got home, I immediately put my PJs on. And my fuzzy socks. And then I got in bed. But because I have an 8 year old, it’s not like I could actually go to bed. He came in like we were going to snuggle, but he brought one of his stupid Angry Bird stuffed animals and made it peck at my head instead.

I wasn’t really in the mood to make him dinner so I told him he could take the car and go get us doughnuts and that would be dinner. You’d think he’d be excited about this because we never have doughnuts for dinner but then he sputtered some nonsense about how he can’t drive. So I told him that if he got pulled over he could just explain to the officer that his mother was really tired and wanted doughnuts and the officer would understand. My kid, ever the skeptic, didn’t believe me and then I had to get up and actually make him dinner.

I have a ton of things to do tonight but I don’t want to do anything except sleep and then I remembered that I had to write a blog post.

I clearly wasn’t considering how many Wednesdays are in November or else I might not have signed up for this.

This is yeah write’s nomo writing challenge Day 4.

8 Responses to “Wednesday.”

  1. Stacie says:

    I can’t believe Nathan didn’t get you donuts.

  2. I have been asking my daughter to drive since she was 8, now she is 15, and soon she will be able to drive, and no doubt I’ll be a wreck whenever she is out in the car getting doughnuts.

  3. Meg says:

    You are so dang funny.

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