Wellness Wednesday 2015-2

Wellness Wednesday 2015-2

Second week and I already almost forgot to post.

My hard work has paid off and I’m down 4.4 pounds since January 5. I’ve been doing my wii fit, counting my calories and incorporating healthy habits. I’ve even been drinking water!

There are already a few things that I can see I’m going to have to work on if this is all going to be sustainable.

First, I think I’m going to need a second 1/2 cup measure. I feel like I’m constantly washing mine because so much of what I eat is measured in 1/2 cup increments. I’m sort of sick of looking at that stupid cup. I suppose soon enough I’ll better be able to eyeball what a 1/2 cup of stuff looks like. Maybe I won’t get a second one. You all know how much I hate owning stuff. Almost as much as I hate washing stuff.

I’ve been eating a salad with chicken almost every day for lunch. I don’t mind eating the same thing every day. In fact, it kind of makes things easier because I know what my calories will be, I have my trusty 1/2 cup measure at the ready, and I actually find it filling. My 250 calorie meal is reasonable and I can have a yogurt and a piece of fruit later in the day so I can make it until dinner. Here’s the problem: I HATE cutting up salads. The amount of effort that goes into compiling one meal is downright ridiculous. As it is I buy bagged lettuce and grape tomatoes and mini cucumbers, all so that I can cut up that much less. I mean, how much more can I cut out of this process? I’m trying to appreciate the (very few) calories I must be burning in this process, but I’m still getting sort of bitter at the salad. Stupid salad. It doesn’t even have cheese on it.

Speaking of cheese, remember how I said I wasn’t going to eat cheese? Yeah, that didn’t work. Cheese is delicious. I’m measuring it and eating single servings and I’m hoping I can remain in control.

Speaking of remaining in control, my cheat day got a bit out of hand last week. One pint of ice cream. All at once. Bad. Bad bad bad. So yummy though. Whatever. It happened and I’m shaking it off but I can’t make a habit out of that. I really want my cheat days to be more about not having to log everything in or measure every portion. It isn’t supposed to be about eating everything in sight.

I haven’t been at this long enough to say I have new habits. Not even close. But I saw enough weight loss to keep going. I plan to keep it up.

Until next week…

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5 Responses to “Wellness Wednesday 2015-2”

  1. Stacie says:

    I’m so proud of you Michelle! 4.4 pounds in a little over a week is awesome. I think this time of year is tough. It’s SO much harder for me to eat salad when it’s cold outside (even though that’s my fav in the spring and summer). I also think it’s a wise decision to eat single servings of cheese if you love it that much.

  2. Awesome!!!!! I admire your discipline. Yes, shake off the ice cream (agrees the former personal trainer)! Cheat days are so important to get back at it after!

  3. saroful says:

    I got a bunch of adorable tiny bowls that only hold a half cup….

  4. 50peach says:

    I’m with you on the 1/2 cups! And as for the lettuce, I don’t chop. I grab a handful of the green stuff and tear it as I chuck it in the bowl. Much quicker! Cherry tomatoes rock. Another thought? If you cooked up any veggies, throw those leftovers on the salad. That also adds goop that your measly 1TBSP of dressing won’t. (stupid 1 TBSP) And you’ve got the right mentality with the cheat day – don’t log, enjoy with moderation and back at it the next day. yay, you!

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