Wellness Wednesday: RIP Edition.

Wellness Wednesday: RIP Edition.

Well, it looks like Wellness Wednesdays are going down and for a variety of reasons.

1. How often can you hear me say I wish I ate better/exercised more/took care of myself and then not do any of those things?

2. Committing to write on the same topic every week feels more like being backed into a corner and less like fun. And blogging is supposed to be fun right?

3. I was going to miss another week this week, so I might as well just pull the plug instead.

4. The reason I was going to miss this week? I’m unwell! Ha. How funny is that?

(I’m not dying or anything, I just have a very bad headache.)

So why am I writing a post to say I’m not going to write a post? Because I like closure. And in case anyone says, “Hey, what happened to your wellness thing?” then I can just say, “I totally blogged about killing it. Did you miss that riveting post?”

It doesn’t mean I’m giving up on my well-being and I’ll likely still write about it from time to time, but from week to week? Still fat, still eating pizza, still not exercising enough, blah, blah, blah.

That’s it. Farewell Wellness Wednesday. It’s been real.


8 Responses to “Wellness Wednesday: RIP Edition.”

  1. Hey, totally cool! It’s your gig. I hope your headache goes away and you feel better soon. In the meantime, we need to plan a lunch (or something) with Kd!

    • We definitely need to get together. I miss you guys! I woke up this morning feeling sick, which is probably just the next phase of all this blah going on over here. I should probably go take a vitamin or something.

  2. Playing you a little taps from the southland on your Wellness Wednesday posts. You are so busy with work and your family. (and writing) It’s hard to fit it all in. But I do believe (and you probably will too) that you will feel better if you start exercising a bit. For me it’s just getting outside. Maybe it’s something you and your son can do together. I’m going to do a 5K with my son end of this month. We get out there and run/walk at his pace. I’ll say — let’s run to that stop sign — then we walk for a bit. Sometimes signing up for a race helps. And not put any more pressure on ourselves than finishing comfortably whatever the pace. Completing the race is the goal.

    • I know you’re right about the exercise. And yet I’m too tired to move. I’ll get up eventually. Hopefully some time before spring :)
      I really do want to sign up for 5k. I was going to but then broke my toe over the summer and that was the end of that. Spring for sure. (Maybe.)

  3. I like closure too! Take care of yourself. and have fun!

  4. Want to do a 5k with me in May or June in Central Park? For me, having the goal of a race that I registered and paid for makes it so much easier to get myself off the couch (or out of bed, as the case may be).

    • That would be so fun! If you had one in mind to do, shoot me an email. It would be good to have something to motivate me and that’s a good time because it won’t (likely) be too cold!

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